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Samsung XL2370 LED BLU monitor hits UK

Samsung's new contrast-rich LED monitor
Samsung's new contrast-rich LED monitor

Samsung has just announced UK-specific details of its XL2370 LED BLU monitor. The device is one of only a few LED monitors on the market after being unveiled at CES 2009.

However, it wasn't until July of this year that fresh details of the panel came to light.

The 23-inch monitor is super-slim – Samsung is saying 70 per cent slimmer than previous monitors – and has a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. This is unbelievable, considering even a brand-new TV like the LG 'borderless' SL8000 is offering a mere 3,000,000:1 DCR.

Next-gen display

Couple this with a rather fast response time of 2ms, eco-friendly properties and its Crystal Design, and what you have is a monitor that's something special.

Speaking about the XL2370, Dominic Webb, General Manager of Samsung Electronics UK Display Division, said: "The XL2370 is truly a next generation display; its combination of technical capability and sleek design is achieved through Samsung's cutting edge LED technology.

"This has helped to shape a product that not only looks fantastic, but offers incredible photorealistic detail and performs with market-leading capabilities."

The XL2370 has a release date of November, with pricing still to be announced.