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Google's smart car tech can track road conditions

Google patent

Even though engineers have found a way to turn driving over potholes into usable energy, we're still a ways off to seeing it as an everyday reality.

For now, potholes and generally bad road conditions can end up seriously damaging your car, but Google may have found a way to track and share which roads you should be avoiding.

The search giant has filed a patent that allows a vehicle's GPS system along with a sensor attached to the car to track and record when a driver hits a pothole or rough road.

The sensor monitors the amount of vibration on the street, while the GPS system sends the information to a database that is continuously updated.

Better maps

Of course, Googles Systems and Methods for Reporting Road Quality patent was only just filed earlier this month, so it is unlikely we'll be seeing the system hit the road any time soon.

Still, this type of tech could certainly beef up the company's Google Maps offering, as well as be easily integrated into the company's Android Auto, or any GPS system, for that matter.

It could also prove useful to Google's autonomous cars, making for a smoother and safer driverless ride, as well as allowing local governments to better track which roads need more attention.

Via Gizmodo