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Google Street View sparks more controversy

Google Street View not welcome in Molfsee
Google Street View not welcome in Molfsee

Have you seen the Google mobile around your area yet? No not the Android phone, the Google automobile.

They're not hard to miss, with a ruddy great camera on the roof snapping away at our lives for the company's Street View service.

One place where Google and its all-seeing eye isn't welcomed is in the small town of Molfsee, in the northwest German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Protecting privacy

The town's Christian Democratic Union wants to protect Molfsee's inhabitants by banning Google from filming there. The reason: Street View will aid criminals in forward-planning burglaries and the like. And, to be honest, he does have a point.

Google, however, has sullied any notion that Street View is an invasion of privacy, citing its service as a "way to explore neighbourhoods at a street level-virtually."

It's not just the CDU who has a problem with Street View, but also Germany's Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.

The Register cites an interview in Der Spiegel, where the commissioner notes that he has "severe misgivings" about the service.