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Sennheiser unveils new sports headphones

Sennheiser has announced the launch of the Sports II line earphones, with five new designs in the £25 to £50 range including some that are washable as well.

The range, which includes the £50 ear-canal model CX 380 at the top end, is built to be resistant to sweat, lightweight and robust – as well as working at low temperatures for activities like skiing.


The MX-80 Sport II, available in 'sporty' orange like the rest of the range, is the cheapest offering, coming in at £25 and bringing the Sennheiser Basswind system and with a cable clip and carrying pouch thrown in.

The MX 85 Sport II has a twist to fit system to ensure comfort and the OMX Sport IIs are clip on phones – with both costing £35.

The £35 PMX 80 Sport II are designed for Runners with a back band to keep the phones in place and last but not least the CX 380 Sport II offers high passive attenuation of ambient noise as well as being designed to cope with being washed under running water.