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Beats you to it: Philips launches first Apple Lightning headphones

We may not yet have iTunes hi-res, but we have these

Earlier this year we reported that Apple was opening its Made for iPhone program to include headphones that will connect through the Lightning port, and Philips has just announced that it'll be first on the scene.

The Fidelio M2L headphones connect to an iPhone or iPod through the Lightning dock to deliver high resolution 24-bit Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC), while the cans themselves will also house amplifiers.

And if you want to get into the real nitty gritty, the M2L's 40mm high magnet intensity neodymium speaker drivers aim to give you a wide ranging sound, while the closed-back design provides noise isolation.

After the announcement that Apple had bought beats, expectations were that we'd see some kind of collaborative headphone/earphone effort that would take advantage of the Lightning connector. If that's still the case, it'll no longer be worthy of a 'world's first' crown.