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Apple blames exploding headphones on third-party battery

Apple is blaming third-party batteries for a pair of its headphones exploding mid-flight, injuring a woman and damaging her clothing.

The woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) sought compensation for the cost of her damaged clothing and to replace the headphones after her pair sparked and caught fire while she was napping on a flight from Australia to Beijing earlier this year.

An Apple representative claimed its investigation “indicated the issue was caused by a third-party battery”, although the woman says the AAA batteries she purchased were from Australia and that “nowhere on the headphones, or their packaging, does it specify which brand of batteries should be used”.

The headphones were bought in 2014, duty-free, and although they haven’t been identified in any official statements, it would be fair to assume they're a pair of battery-operated, Apple-manufactured headphones.

Although the woman suffered burns on her hands, neck and chest, there doesn’t seem to be any claim made in her statements to cover these injuries.

Images courtesy of the ATSB