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Amazon Australia’s discounting Kindle and Echo devices for a limited time

For a limited time, you can score yourself one of Amazon’s own ereader or smart speaker products at a discount, so if you've been looking to pick up a Kindle or an Echo but have been waiting for a price drop, now’s your chance to jump in.

In the Amazon Echo smart speaker range, you can save up to $80, with some of the lowest prices we’ve yet seen on the likes of the Echo Plus and the display-toting Echo Spot. The two more basic workhorses, the Echo and the Echo Dot, are both knocked down to a very attractive price as well.

When it comes to ereaders, Amazon Kindle's range is of course the household name, with the ubiquitous brand offering a variety of devices, both comprehensive and intuitive. Whether it’s the premium Kindle Voyage, the midrange Paperwhite, or the basic Kindle model, you’ll find a discount right now.

You can find the appropriate ereader and smart speaker products at the links above, but you better hurry as the discount is only available until June 30.