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ALDI’s selling a 58-inch UHD TV and Chromecast Ultra bundle for just $799

When it comes Ultra HD televisions, it's hard to beat ALDI's Bauhn TV range in terms of sheer value. That said, while the sets provide terrific 4K image quality, they can be a bit of a letdown in the smarts department. 

Now, ALDI's got a new Special Buys offer on the way that makes this particular issue mostly irrelevant. 

As of Saturday, May 13, ALDI is bundling a Chromecast Ultra with its latest 58-inch Bauhn Black Series Ultra HD TV for just $799. On its own, Google's 4K streaming dongle will usually set you back around $99.

The television itself boasts PVR Record and USB Media Playback functionality as well as 4 x HDMI inputs with Audio Return Channel (ARC) capability and 2 x USB inputs.

If you want to get in this bundle, we advise you show up to your local ALDI store early, as customers are known to queue before opening time for Special Buys.

Stephen Lambrechts

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