The next best MacBook Air deal on Amazon Prime Day is at Walmart

MacBook Air deal Walmart
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One of the most surprising deals of Amazon Prime Day was the original 2017 MacBook Air going for $699. That deal, sadly, sold out in less than an hour. Now, we have a consolation of sorts from Walmart.

Walmart is selling the very same MacBook Air laptop for $824.99 on its website. There's no word as to how limited this deal is or when it will end.

For that price, you're getting the 2017 MacBook Air using the original design, and with a 900p display, 128GB SSD and 8GB of memory. Again, this is likely the next best deal on the MacBook Air for Prime Day.

MacBook Air (128GB, 2017) is $999 $824.99 at Walmart

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">MacBook Air (128GB, 2017) is $999 $824.99 at Walmart
Apple's adored thin-and-light laptop can be had for one of the lowest prices yet. This is currently the cheapest way into Apple's mobile computer ecosystem short of buying refurbished.

Why should you pick up this MacBook Air deal?

Simply put, you should know that you're getting into an inarguably dated Apple experience when picking up this laptop. It will still run all of the latest apps straight from Apple, but perhaps much more slowly and at a lower resolution than your current iPhone. It also has neither Touch nor Face ID for login.

However, this is also Apple's most affordable laptop to date – even before either this deal or the one earlier during Prime Day. It's the most accessible way into macOS for most people, particularly students.

The MacBook Air is also one of the most reliable laptops ever developed. We constantly see MacBook Air models out in the wild on trains and in parks, much of which are bound to be older than this 2017 model – the first MacBook Air released in 2008.

If this inarguably dated design is just too much to stomach in 2019 for you, then know that the 2018 MacBook Air is available on sale at Amazon, too. See below:

MacBook Air (128GB, 2018) is $1,199 $999 on Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">MacBook Air (128GB, 2018) is $1,199 $999 on Amazon
The newly-redesigned MacBook Air for 2018 is available for a cool $200 off on Amazon. However, it's only the Gold model and contains just 128GB of SSD space.

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