Pick up some amazing LEGO set deals thanks to Amazon Prime Day

LEGO set deals for Amazon Prime Day
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Some people wait for Amazon Prime Day to buy new tech; others score cheap appliances or tools, but one of our favourite things to look out for is great LEGO deals, because what's life for if not LEGO?

At the moment, Amazon's LEGO cupboard is looking very tempting thanks to up to 44% off select LEGO sets for the two day sales bononza – this means you can get great LEGO deals, and save cash, on the typically-pricey building blocks. Cheap LEGO is something that everyone dreams of, and now Amazon Prime Day has come to deliver that dream.

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You'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. You can sign up for a free trial, which will see you through Prime Day and which you can cancel after 30 days, or if you like the look of Prime then right now you can save £20 on a one-year subscription.

We understand, though, that it's hard to choose which LEGO sets to buy – there are too many tempting options! We'd buy all of them if we could, but sadly we've got that pesky thing called rent to pay too.

To help you with this dilemma, we've gone through the Amazon Prime Day deals on LEGO sets to find out which ones are the best for you.

Amazon Prime Day: the best LEGO set deals

LEGO City Fire Station

LEGO City Fire Station £59.99 £35.99 at Amazon
Lego City is one of the classic LEGO ranges – it appeals to any kind of fan, young or old, and this rendition of the Fire Station gives you a lovely mix of buildings, characters and situations.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow £59.99 £35.99 at Amazon
Relive your nostalgia for 2002 (yes, that long ago!) with this LEGO set based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It's got tiny minifigs of your favourite kid actors, and even includes a lovely Ford Anglia.

LEGO Star Wars Slave 1

LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 £109.99 £70.39 at Amazon
The Slave 1 is one of the most famous Star Wars ships, and fittingly the LEGO Slave 1 is one of the most popular LEGO Star Wars kits. This is the lowest we've seen it sell for, so Star Wars fans should leap on this Amazon Prime deal.

LEGO Movie 2 Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box

LEGO Movie 2 Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box £34.99 £16.80 at Amazon
Fans of the LEGO Movie 2 will love this set, but it's just as great for people who haven't seen it, as it's literally just a box of bright colorful bricks. Build whatever, for a price that's incredibly low for a LEGO building set.

LEGO Technic 2-in-1 Forklift & Truck

LEGO Technic 2-in-1 Forklift & Truck £54.99 £32.99 at Amazon
LEGO's 2-in-1 sets are a joy for people who like to build, and the Technic range is great for people who want a form factor that's a little different – and this great price cut on a LEGO set is great for anyone, full stop.

LEGO Spider Man: Far From Home Stark Jet

LEGO Spider Man: Far From Home Stark Jet £54.99 £32.99 at Amazon
Spider Man: Far From Home has only just come out, but Amazon Prime Day offers LEGO sets on special offer for 40% off already. This low price is pretty amazing for a franchise LEGO set, so grab it while it's still available.

LEGO Friends Mia's House

LEGO Friends Mia's House £59.99 £35.99 at Amazon
Many LEGO sets are part of franchises, but LEGO also has ranges for people who may not be the biggest fans of blockbuster movies, and this deal is for them. With the £24 you're saving, you could easily buy another set to join this one.

LEGO Star Wars Black Ace Tie Interceptor

LEGO Star Wars Black Ace Tie Interceptor £44.99 £25.19 at Amazon
LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular and long-running LEGO franchises, and so it makes sense that there would be more sets discounted. This Tie Interceptor enjoys the biggest percentage cut of all the sets, at a whopping 44% off.

Non-Amazon-Prime-Day LEGO deals and discounts

As well as the whole bunch of LEGO sets discounted at around 40% for Amazon Prime Day, Amazon has also got a few other LEGO set deals running at the moment. They're not as good discounts as the Prime Day 2019 deals, but in case they appeal to you, we've listed some of the best below, along with how much you'll be saving with them.

Many sets for The LEGO Movie 2 are discounted, as well as several 2-in-1 kits, Creator models and sets from the Architecture range. At TechRadar we love these last few types of kits in particular, and these are great LEGO deals for those kits!

The list could go on and on, but here are some of the deal highlights.

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