23andMe kit is 50% off, making Amazon Prime Day the best time to buy this DNA test

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Keen to unlock the mysteries of your family history? Buy this Amazon Prime Day deal to take 50% off a DNA test that typically retails for $199 in the US, but right now you can get it for $99. UK shoppers have an identical half-off discount, down from £149 to £72.79.

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The DNA kit has all you need to send a genetic sample off to 23andMe. From that material, the company will generate a report on your family history, which also includes over 90 genetic online reports on your health dispositions, carrier status, and overall wellness.

23andMe DNA Test for Health & Ancestry $199 $99 on Amazon50% off

23andMe DNA Test for Health & Ancestry $199 $99 on Amazon
Curious about your family history? Pick up this 23andMe DNA test package for 50% off, which includes Ancestry Service along with over 90 DNA-based reports tracking familial health and carrier conditions.

Likewise, the deal extends to UK Amazon Prime Day shoppers.

23andMe DNA test kit: £149 £72.79 at Amazon

23andMe DNA test kit: £149 £72.79 at Amazon
One of the biggest names in DNA testing kits has a half-price deal on for Amazon Prime Day. We've never seen a price this low on the popular service that includes over 125 report on health, wellness, ancestry and more.

The kit is fairly straightforward - and don't worry, you won't have to draw blood to collect your genetic material. All it needs is just a swab inside your cheek. Send that in to 23andMe and results come in 6-8 weeks.

After that wait, you'll get a detailed report of your ancestry - all the way back to your Neanderthal lineage.

You'll also get reports that describe your genetic health risks - your gene variants that 23andMe identify as associated with increased risk for particular health conditions. It also identifies what variants are 'carriers' that don't affect you but could impact your family.

On a less serious note, the report also details our genetic traits, including things like hair loss and unibrow proclivity. If that all sounds interesting - or too informative to ignore - pick up this DNA kit.

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