Asus Radeon HD 4870 X2 review

Puts in an impressive performance, but has it overcome its driver issues of old?

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Our Verdict

Dual-GPU done right? That'll be the 4870 X2


  • Monster spec
  • Powerful performance


  • Unsure whether driver issue of old has been entirely fixed

If there's such a thing as dual-GPU done right, this is it.

In terms of hardware specs, one of the areas that dual-chip cards have fallen short in the past is memory availability and bandwidth. But not here. The X2 sports the same 3.6GHz (effective data rate) GDDR5 chips as its single-chip 4870 sibling. Just as important, each GPU has been given fully 1GB to play with. Yup, this is a 2GB monster of a card.

The result is truly massive performance scaling nearly all of the time. We may have had a few niggles in our original 4870 X2 review a few months ago. But this time round the X2 stood taller than the rest in every test.

Nevertheless, we'll need to see ongoing evidence that AMD has the driver issue licked before we're completely confident that the X2 is a really safe buy.



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