Acer G24 review

Bold design, bold pictures - not a monitor you'll forget in a hurry

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Our Verdict

Delivers some superb pictures at a reasonable price, all wrapped up in a bit of a quirky design


  • Good pixel response
  • Deals well with motion
  • Super sharp images
  • Distinctive styling


  • Design won't be to everyone's tastes

We're not going to be harsh on Acer for wrapping this 24-incher in a sparkly orange costume. It's a slightly adolescent look. But at least it has pizzazz. As does the bold image quality this screen cranks out.

The use of a glossy screen coating delivers razor sharp clarity and superior colour saturation and contrast than the matte-surfaced competition. Still, Acer's claims of 50,000:1 contrast are truly laughable and are best ignored.

Other plus points are bright and even whites, a strong backlight, excellent pixel response and a total absence of lag. Granted, compared to PVA panels, the black levels are poor. But this really is a great gaming monitor.



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