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The Oscar-winning effects of Gravity


In space, no one can hear you pee?

It is hard for a blockbuster nowadays to deliver the all-important 'wow' factor. Audiences in the 21st century have been conditioned to expect expensive special effects - so much so that they are only usually noticed now if they fall short of being exceptional. When it comes to Gravity, though, it was not the audience's expectations that had to be met but that of the director's. Continue reading...

Godz and Monsters: the making of Godzilla

Godz and Monsters the making of Godzilla

Godzilla director talks about bringing the monster to life

When making a Godzilla movie, the conclusion you are going to come to pretty quickly is that size matters. For director Gareth Edwards there was only one way he wanted to go with the size of his Godzilla and that was upwards. Continue reading...

Apple CarPlay: Everything you need to know

Apple CarPlay everything you need to know about iOS in the car

iOS in the car is finally here

Finally announced at the start of March 2014, Apple CarPlay is the much-mooted and long-awaited 'iOS in the car' project finally coming to fruition. With our digital tech barely having made a scratch on the largely analogue in-car experience, the automobile is considered by many to be the next great tech battleground. Because the lifespan of a car is so long compared to the lifecycle of digital technologies like phones and the software they run, the challenge is to create a smart in-car infotainment system that can stay up to date even as your car ages. Here's everything you need to know about CarPlay

Why internet speed should determine your next home

Bricks and broadband why internet speed should determine your next home

Don't bet the house on a crap connection

What's a decent broadband connection worth? According to some reports, it could account for as much as 20% of the value of your home. Never mind homes built on flood plains, homes on fire or homes next door to Piers Morgan: it seems that the thing that scares homebuyers more than anything else is a crappy connection. Continue reading...

Google vs Apple CarPlay why maps hold the key for in car supremacy

Google vs Apple CarPlay

Maps, Glass, driverless cars - Google is miles ahead already

With the launch of CarPlay, Google and Apple are on collision course in the contest for car tech supremacy. But in my view, Google already has Apple well beaten. Both Apple and Google have now unveiled plans to get their mobile operating systems, usually found in phones and tablets, running in cars. The first skirmish in what is likely to be a drawn-out battle will be all about mapping and navigation. And Google Maps is miles ahead of Apple Maps. Factor in Google's broader track record in automotive tech, including driverless cars and the promise of Google Glass and a very strong case for favouring it over Apple in the contest for in-car supremacy emerges. Read: Google vs CarPlay

PlayStation Games are too expensive, here's why Valve has the right idea

PlayStation games are too expensive here s why Valve has the right idea

It's time for PSN pricing to reflect digital values

Did you miss the biggest games story of the last seven days? If you play your games on PlayStation, you probably did. PC developer Valve Software has told its dev partners they can now freely discount the prices of their games on the Steam download store. So why does this matter to PlayStation? Because Valve has just triggered a downhill sales race on Steam. Many developers, understandably eager to seize the spotlight in front of an audience of more than 75 million PC gamers, will give in to the temptation to go low, driving others to go even lower. Read: PlayStation Gamer

Why The Walking Dead makes triple-A video games look like zombies

Why The Walking Dead makes triple A video games look like zombies

In the new world of games, story counts more than size

With the release of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 this week, studio Telltale is continuing to do things differently. Instead of focusing on one full-length retail title, Telltale launches its games in episodes, with one 2-3 hour instalment of a series being released every couple of months. It's a great approach to development and marketing, and it works. The result is a fresh, reactive game with a fanbase who are constantly hungry for more. Frankly, more studios should be sitting up and taking notice. Shorter games could be the future of gaming. Read: Xbox Gamer