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25 Google search tips and tricks you need to know

25 Google search tips and tricks you need to know

Search smarter with our expert guide to Google

Everybody knows Google, but not everybody knows its secrets, the little things that make finding what you want faster, that make searches more specific and that uncover entertaining Easter eggs. Here are 25 of our favourite ways to find Google's G spots

Meet Slice: the Raspberry Pi-powered media player with a difference

Meet Slice the Raspberry Pi powered media player with a difference

Turn your media files into a personal Netflix library

Anyone with a large digital media library will be familiar with the problem. Thousands of MP3, MKV, AVI, FLAC and MOV files sit at your beck and call, but how best to unleash their full potential instead of keeping them cooped up on a hard drive somewhere? FiveNinjas thinks it has the answer. It's a media player called Slice and it's set to be the first device to hit the shelves with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module at its heart. It's designed to transform your media library into a 1TB personal, portable Netflix, allowing you to plug into any TV via HDMI and play back any media file you have in your collection. Read all about it

PlayStation 5 what should we expect from PS5 and the next generation

PlayStation 5: what to expect

The PS5 is coming but when and in what form?

The PlayStation 4 is barely out of its box in terms of a console life cycle. But with so many recent advances - PlayStation Now, pre-loading games, YouTube streaming and PlayStation TV to name but a few - we're thinking about the future of black boxes under the television. Is there one or are we just looking at Sony TVs shipping with a DualShock 4 from here on in rather than a PS5 console? A PlayStation 5 will land in some form but what's most interesting is whether it'll be the big component packed box we've grown accustomed to heating our living rooms, a palm sized streaming device or an invisible power ever present on our televisions or even iPhones and iPads. Continue reading...

Another case of password theft leaves commenters feeling hacked off

Another case of password theft leaves commenters feeling hacked off

INFLAME All your passwords are belong to some Russian hacker dudes

Turns out it doesn't really matter how many uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or words about horses you have in your internet passwords, as most of them have been hacked and stolen anyway. News this week suggested that an amazing 1.2billion email addresses and passwords have been harvested by hacking group CyberVors, which poked insecure servers with a malware botnet (and perhaps bought in more stolen data from other hackers) resulting in the biggest data collection in the history of hacks. Read all about it

OnePlus women-only photo contest shows we still have a long way to go

OnePlus women only photo contest shows we still have a long way to go

Really, a t-shirt?

If you haven't already heard, OnePlus launched a contest to commemorate reaching 200,000 message board members in which only women – or "ladies" as we're referred to like a Tuesday night cover charge special – were asked to submit a photo of themselves with the OnePlus logo drawn on a piece of paper or themselves. The 50 photos that garnered the most "likes" on the predominately male OnePlus forums would earn the entrants a T-shirt. If there were at least 500 entries, OnePlus would do the gentlemanly thing and invite its "favorite photo" to buy a One smartphone. Reaction on Twitter was decidedly negative

Android L (5.0) release date – when can I get it?

Android L is now out in the open and it includes a handful of new features, a visual overhaul and numerous under-the-hood improvements to make if faster, more efficient and lighter on your battery, but while we know all about it, it's not yet available for public consumption. Even once it does launch it will be down to individual manufacturers to port it to their devices, so chances are you'll still be waiting a while to get it on your phone and tablet (unless you've gone full Nexus already) and most companies haven't yet been all that forthcoming with details of when they'll bring it to their phones and tablets. Find out when you'll get it