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Cool gadgets The best tech you can buy in 2014

The best tech you can buy in 2014

Our ultimate tech buying guide!

It's our mission at TechRadar to help you find the tech products that are best for you. That's why we review the specific products we do, while offering a veritable smorgasbord of helpful buying guides and product round-ups to help you find the perfect play things and workplace wonders. Whether it be an ideal camera phone for your mum or a kick-ass Blu-ray player to pair with your new TV, we've got the experts on hand to offer the very best buying advice on the internet. Here you'll find a comprehensive repository of all that expert knowledge. With buying advice and specific product recommendations, look no further for your best chance of finding all the cool gadgets available today.

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BMW i8 the incredible high tech supercar that changes everything

The incredible high-tech supercar that changes everything

The BMW i8 is astonishing

A near £100,000 / $150,000 supercar tuned for fuel efficiency and sporting a mere three-cylinder engine? The all new BMW i8 is surely proof that the modern obsession with emission has finally driven the car industry round the twist. As it turns out, the BMW i8 is one of the most brilliantly resolved cars we've driven all year – maybe even years when you consider just how complex it is. Read all about the BMW i8

Why the Nokia X is the best phone you ll never buy

Why the Nokia X is the best phone you'll never buy

Where's the X-Factor?

While 2014 will likely be remembered for its Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Apple flagships, it's a trio of budget Nokia handsets that have been among the most unexpected and surprising releases so far. We're talking of course about the dramatically named Nokia X and its siblings the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. They're phones which had tongues wagging ever since they were first rumoured for the simple reason that they were Nokia devices running Android. When they were finally revealed there was perhaps a sense of disappointment at just how low end they were, but that hasn't stopped the Nokia X from selling. Continue reading...

Privacy on a fast track to nowhere

Privacy on a fast-track to nowhere?

Time to bring back carrier pigeons?

The UK government announced something quite unusual last week, in the form of a rushed plan to "fast track" new laws on compulsory data retention into place. The fast track element worried many, as this is a sort of emergency parliamentary process used to force rules into place in a hurry, without the usual debates and votes that we, as a democracy, tend to expect to see. Continue reading...

13 features the PS4 needs to be a kick ass console

13 features the PS4 needs to be a kick-ass console

Now Sony, it's not that we're not grateful for the PS4. It's so shiny (well, half shiny), pleasantly shaped and ever so full of games at 60fps. It's still the best selling next-gen console and it's a more capable gaming machine compared to Xbox One. But there are just a few niggles we'd like ironed out sooner rather than later. We're not ungrateful in any way for the intuitive UI, great social features and easy ways to share screenshots and gameplay but we are a bit like eighth generation Oliver and just want a little bit more. Here are the thirteen features that we'd like as soon as possible.

14 features the Xbox One needs to be a kick ass console

14 features the Xbox One needs to be a kick-ass console

Come on Microsoft, you know you want to add these features

The Xbox One has radically changed since its launch in November last year. Microsoft has, to its credit, listened to fan feedback and rolled out a wealth of system updates almost every single month - refining certain features, adding completely new ones, and even ditching the bundled Kinect, something the company once claimed it would never do. But though the Xbox One is undoubtedly improved from its initial incarnation, there are still a few improvements to be made here and there before we consider Microsoft's work well and truly done. Here are fourteen changes we want to see in future updates