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5 reasons the OnePlus One should be your next smartphone

OnePlus One

And 4 reasons to stay well clear!

The OnePlus One could well be the surprise smartphone of 2014 with its low, low price and headline specs. There's a lot to get excited about with the One, and we've highlighted the main reasons why you might want to think about parting with your cash and pick one up at the first opportunity. It's not all good news though, as you'll find out later, as this budget blowout also has a few issues, so put that money back in your wallet... for now. Continue reading...

Google's self driving cars are getting smarter!

Google s self driving cars are smarter but they re still not smart enough

But they're still not quite smart enough

We've been writing about driverless cars on TechRadar ever since we launched in 2007. It's by no means a new idea, and seven years on the tech is still very much in the "coming soon" phase rather than the "it's here, get excited" one. But a post on Google's blog this week has shown some genuinely exciting progress. Imagine a world with a million fewer road deaths every year, where the elderly and infirm have mobility and independence instead of landlocked isolation, where road congestion is a thing of the past despite more people being on the road, and all with a huge reduction in harmful emissions.
This world will soon be a reality

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Huawei Ascend Y530 review

Huawei Ascend Y530 review

Cheap as chips but is it worth buying?

In all the Huawei Ascend Y530 is a solid budget smartphone which is capable of performing all the basics you'd expect without providing any thrills along the way. For the tiny price tag it's an affordable offering, but if your budget can stretch just a little further there are better options out there.
Huawei Ascend Y530 review

Nike FuelBand SE vs Misfit Shine vs Jawbone Up24 vs Fitbit Flex

Nike FuelBand SE vs Misfit Shine vs Jawbone Up24 vs Fitbit Flex

Which activity tracker is most fit for purpose?

The wearable phenomenon is in full force. From glasses to smartwatches to full phones on your wrist, they're everywhere - but the most popular is still the activity tracker, thanks to the proliferation of a new low-power Bluetooth standard (4.0) and a glut of cheap sensors. There mountain of fitness wearables seems to be growing by the day. Almost all of them have one thing in common: smartphone apps. But there are lot of other aspects that vary between them, which can make choosing your perfect device a bit of a mission. To help you out, we've chosen four of the best known and most easily available activity trackers. See the results of our tests here

Is the 4K Blu-ray disc format dead in the water?

The 4K Blu ray format could be dead in the water

Sony is losing faith in physical formats

Sony has been talking about Blu-ray in Japan this morning and the news does not bode well for anyone hoping for a new 4K Blu-ray format. The company's forecasted financial losses, which were already sizeable, have grown even bigger. And one of the culprits? A faster than expected decline in physical media sales. Could this spell the end for 4K on Blu-ray?

Google Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Google Nexus 7 2013 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Battle of the budget 7-inch tablets

The Google Nexus 7 (2013) and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 - when you think of budget Android tablets these are the two most likely to spring to mind. Sure the 7-inch tablet market is now inundated with offerings - mostly Android based - but these two behemoths still rise up above the crowd. Both offer a strong set of specs for highly attractive price tags, so it can be difficult to work out which one is best. We've delved deeper into both tablets to discover how they compare (and contrast), giving you a much better idea of which tablet will suit your needs. Read all about it

Battle of the flagship HD TVs Samsung H8000 vs Sony W955

Battle of the flagship HD TVs: Samsung H8000 vs Sony W955

The TV business is about as hazardous and toxic as it gets from a business point of view, with lots of huge brands fighting for market share while most suffer astronomical financial losses. It's a pretty grim tale in that sense, but on the other hand we're also seeing incredible year-on-year improvements in picture quality, smart TV features, resolution and a renewed trend for superior sound. This week we've reviewed flagship TVs from Samsung and Sony, one of which is excellent while the other is disappointing.
Find out which one you should buy

Sony KDL 55W955 review

Sony KDL-55W955 review

Sony gives the TV market a wedgy

The build up to the 55W955 really couldn't be better. Last year's Sony 9 series TVs were outstanding, and the 50W829 got Sony's 2014 off to a belting start. The 55W955 shows all the right signs of living up to its pedigree too, thanks to its startling, sound-boosting 'wedge' design and an eye-catching feature count dominated by Sony's new and improved smart TV platform. Some aspects of its pictures – especially colour - deliver on the 55W955's flagship HD model status too. But sadly the 55W955 is ultimately undone by a single but potent frailty. Sony KDL-55W955 review

Samsung UE55H8000 review

Samsung UE55H8000 review

Samsung's flagship HD TV gets the curve

The UE55H8000 is a stunning performer that shows there's plenty of life in HD yet. It's also flexible with its control options, and accompanies its stellar pictures with startlingly robust sonics. It's a couple of hundred pounds dearer than I'd ideally like, but if there's a better 55-inch full HD TV around this year we'd love to see it! Samsung UE55H8000 review

Alienware 17 review

Alienware 17 review

The express lane to high quality PC gaming

Save for some nagging (but ultimately fixable) problems, the Alienware 17 is one of the best gaming laptops money can buy. From its sharp metallic and soft-touch build to a host of powerful components, this is a one-stop shop for getting into PC gaming with a single click. Alienware 7 review

Sky's set-top revolution can't come soon enough

Sky s evolution of the set top box can t come soon enough

Set-top-box to get 4K makeover

Sky isn't one to shy away from embracing new technology. In the quarter of a century it has been selling satellite signals to the UK, it has had a number of firsts. But news this week that Sky may be looking to overhaul its set-top box into something that will embrace the cloud, proves only one thing - reliance on a set-top with a hard drive in a world overrun by internet TV dongles and bargain boxes is becoming an increasingly archaic idea. Read about Sky's plans

Watch Dogs joins the second screen revolution

Watch Dogs joins second screen revolution could be best companion app yet

Could this be the best companion app yet?

There's a growing list of video games out there involving second screen play on tablets and mobile phones but so far, they seem a bit limited in terms of actual multiplayer participation. However, Watch Dogs is showing that companion apps can be less about checking stats and more about actual mobile multiplayer gameplay. Here's how it's doing it