Google says it doesn't copy, uses lemonade to explain

Schmidt happens

When life gives Schmidt lemons… he takes to Google+ to explain why his company is as innovative as alcoholic lemonade. You know, the social network that's a bit like Facebook but sort of isn't.

"Playing catch-up with the competition can only ever help you make incremental gains," wrote Google's executive chairman. "It will never help you create something new."

"It's important to understand what's going on around you, but the best way to stay ahead is a laser focus on building great products that people need."


Credit: Tom Fishburne

Accompanied was an image, depicting a community with a sincere alcohol problem, to illustrate the point being inferred.

In all fairness, though we jab at Google+, the platform has brought some unique features of its own. But there are plenty of other reasons why, if you're Google, you're probably better off keeping these sorts of bold statements to a minimum.

Android Lemonade, anyone?