12 Star Wars tech facts you almost certainly should know

From a porsche to a potato, May the 4th be with you

7. Not making lightsaber noises under your breath is *actually impossible*

Bzzzt thrrp

Even the consummate professional Ewan McGregor couldn't stop himself from hmmzzzing as he swung his laser sword around. They had to edit out his noises in post production

8.Spielberg's War of the Worlds owes a debt to Revenge of the Sith

Steven Spielberg another tech trailblazer

Lucas had hoped to get his mate Spielberg into the director's chair for Star Wars but it was not to be. The Jaws and indiana Jones director did help out with Episode III however - including the Anakin and Obi-wan lightsaber duel which was one of the high points of the prequels. Apparently Lucas took that knowledge of modern visual effects into his next big thing War of the Worlds.

9. Episode III had more special effects shots than the first two prequels put together

Digital FX are increasingly prevalent in the prequels

350 visual effects in A New Hope gave way to 2,200 digital effects shots in the last of the prequels to be released - and yet Revenge of the Sith is the only Star Wars film not to receive an Oscar nomination for best visual effects.

10. The asteroid sequence in Empire apparently includes a shoe and a potato

And one of these lines is actually a

It's been suggested that Lucas' constant tinkering brought a object protest by the visual effects team - we understand chipping in with a potato but who throws a shoe?

11. Star Wars DIDN'T introduce Dolby Stereo to the world

Dolby Stereo was a bid deal for early Star Wars screenings

Lucas' original is certainly the film that made Dolby Stereo popular - but the first firm to feature the sound tech was actually Barbra Streisand's A Star is Born.

12. The dialogue on the Blu-ray edition is as close to the original sound as you're ever going to get

The original tapes
The original tapes

Star Wars sound maestro Matthew Wood told us: "On this Blu-ray release one of things that came available to us that we found deep in our archive was the original production rolls. These were the rolls that were used for the original dialogue recording and the entire production recording that were done on the set."