The Galaxy S8's selfie snapper could have an unusual feature

Autofocus incoming

While smartphone cameras are getting better by the year, front-facing snappers are lagging behind and tend to lack even basic features we've come to expect in rear sensors.

But one such feature making the switch to the front - autofocus - could be coming to Samsung’s next flagship.

According to a “representative for this industry” (trust that as you will), speaking to ETNews, Samsung has decided to add a front-facing autofocus to the Galaxy S8, in order to differentiate it from rivals.

It’s a believable claim, as Samsung is known for packing its phones full of tech, and a front-facing autofocus certainly would be one way to stand out.

An odd addition

Its actual usefulness is more questionable though, since an autofocus tends to be advantageous for focusing on subjects at varying distances, but front-facing cameras are generally used purely for close-up photos, where a fixed focus (as Samsung’s phones currently use) is likely to work just as well.

Still, it’s a feature that would make the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S8 that little bit more versatile, and all without requiring a large camera module, as Samsung is apparently using an encoder-type actuator for autofocusing, specifically because these allow for a slim camera.

This might not be the only improvement made to the front-facing snapper either, as according to earlier rumors Samsung might up it to 8MP (from 5MP on the Samsung Galaxy S7). 

If this all pans out then the Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge could be unusually strong options for selfie fans.