Verizon has a new cable package that actually sounds good

By all accounts, Sling TV was the start of something big. The service cut big cable bills in half by providing users with a set of the most-watched channels and allowed them to add on specific sets of channels that matched their interest for an extra $5 a month.

Verizon, the national telecommunications giant, has taken a liking to the idea of a custom cable package and, starting Sunday, April 19, will give subscribers a taste of the good life.

Dubbed the "FiOS Custom TV package," subscribers will be offered a basic service that includes a mix of 35 cable and local channels and two sets of channels for $55 a month with the option of adding sets of custom packages for an additional $10. There are seven of these channel packs available: Kids, Pop Culture, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News & Info, Sports Plus and Sports.

What makes the new program so interesting is the ability to upgrade to "double play" - Verizon's term for its cable and internet bundle - for an additional $10, or "triple play," which includes TV, internet and home phone service for $75 a month, all without signing a contract.

While Sling TV remains the cheaper option at $20 a month for the basic 20-plus channel basic package, Verizon's ability to toss in internet and home phone to the mix will surely sweeten the pot for some subscribers.