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This tiny device can tell you more than you ever wanted to know

Meet the tiny device that can tell you more than you ever wanted to know

What is in that watermelon?

How many grams of sugar are in this gin and tonic I'm about to drink? While our smartphones have made it easy to research facts, capture images and navigate street maps, they have their shortcomings. If only they could reveal the inner secrets of objects in the physical world, too. Thanks to a scanner device called SCiO - after the Latin verb "to know" - you'll soon be able to get answers to life's most pressing questions, like the chemical makeup of foods, medications, plants and other items we use on a daily basis. Read this feature

Twitter and Facebook are making the same mistakes as MySpace

Twitter and Facebook are making the same mistakes as MySpace

And they may soon regret it

Bad news for Twitter pros: it looks like your feed is going to get a little more spammy if Twitter's latest bright idea sticks. Fed up with people retweeting stuff you don't care about?Twitter's about to do it on their behalf. Twitter's latest idea is to let you see posts from people that you don't follow, but your followees do. The problem with that, of course, is that if you wanted to follow those accounts you'd already have followed them. Read all about it

Console gaming is dead everything good is happening on PC right now

Console gaming is dead!

Word is that the Xbox One might be getting another price cut. But the Xbox One doesn't need a cheaper price tag or new colours to get people interested. It needs some decent games, because let's face it, there are none. Games, apps, features and functionality - both next gen consoles are still hugely lacking in them all and we're nearly a year in now. It's not unusual for each generation to start slowly, but against the backdrop of an exciting golden age for PC gaming, games consoles are starting to look looking increasingly... irrelevant. Why? Because all of the good things in the gaming world right now are happening on PC. All of them. Read on to find out more

Take stock saving film is about preserving movies not fighting against digital

Saving film is about preserving movies...

...not fighting against digital

The rise of digital projection in movies marks one of the speediest changes in any industry. In fewer than 15 years we have seen a business that dealt purely in celluloid engulfed by ones and zeroes. Digital has overtaken film projection the world over, with the promise of offering up cheaper ways to distribute movies complete with a crisp palette that is, arguably, on a par with film stock. While many filmmakers have embraced this change, there's a minority that is battling against progression. This group isn't made up of indie filmmakers looking to get headline space but some of the biggest names in the business.

The new Audi S1 is an incredible road-eating pocket rocket

The new Audi S1 sports hatch is an incredible road eating pocket rocket

More real-world fun than an Audi R8 supercar

Is Audi's new S1 uberhatch the most desirable car in the German auto maker's almost infinite range? Don't forget, that's a range filled to bursting with super saloons, mega SUVs and even mid-engine, V10 rocket ships. But the S1's modest output of a mere 228bhp and the prospect of fun at speeds at least resembling the legal limit, not to mention a price tag that starts below £25,000, make for a terribly enticing real-world package. Time to jump on board

In car apps are terrible and it s time for an urgent rethink

In-car apps are terrible and it's time for an urgent rethink

Social networking in a car is completely silly

Cars are not smartphones. A simple enough notion, but not one that most motor manufacturers seem to grasp. For proof, observe the rush to implement irrelevant and maybe even dangerous apps in the latest cars. You're nobody today without in-car facebook and twitter support. But I've reached the point where every time I see social networking support in the feature list of an in-car multimedia system, I have the urge to self harm. I can't take the nonsense any longer

Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Surface 3: what we want to see

What do we want to see on the Surface 3? Many of the qualities we would expect from a new Surface tablet - namely slimmer dimensions, a lighter chassis and longer battery life - arrived on Microsoft's capable Surface Pro 3, making it a little harder for any potential new tablet to stand out from the crowd. As we ponder the possibilities, here are some of the features we would like to see on the Surface 3.