Sky has just launched the UK’s lowest-priced fibre broadband

Sky is going high on value and low on cost by announcing the lowest-priced fibre broadband and line-rental package in the UK.

The offer is exclusive to Sky TV customers both new and existing, who will be able to get Sky Fibre inclusive of line rental for £20 a month, £7.40 cheaper than the usual cost. 

This, in combination with the recent announcement from Ofcom that Sky was the least complained about service provider for broadband and TV, makes the company an attractive option for consumers looking to sign up to a new contract – particularly since Sky’s main competitors, Virgin and BT, have recently had problems with widespread service outages

Broadband to beat

Despite attracting the fewest complaints from customers, Sky has also announced that it’s launching a new Broadband Tech Team to complement its existing customer service, which it says will be able to provide specialised and dedicated broadband help.

For those who need a little more speed behind their browsing, Sky has also discounted its Sky Fibre Unlimited contract from £37.40 to £30 per month, and its Fibre Max service to £35 from £42.20 per month – those services offer maximum download speeds of 38Mbps and 76Mbps respectively. 

Interestingly, as well as telling customers these maximum download speeds, Sky has started advertising the average UK speeds which customers are much more likely to receive. So while the maximum download speed Fibre Max is capable of reaching is 76Mbps, customers can actually expect to receive something closer to 60Mbps.

This is probably a good move from Sky, particularly since there’s widespread dissatisfaction with broadband speeds, and consumers are more open than ever to changing provider to get the best deal.