Motorola's new headsets hate the noise

Bluetooth ear-huggers 'best noise cancellers'

Motorola, the ailing mobile phone manufacturer, is pressing on with its claim of being the biggest Bluetooth accessory manufacturer by releasing two more 'class-leading' headsets.

The MOTOPURE H15 is the best at background noise cancellation, and has a handy flip design ('exclusive' apparently... though we're not sure why that's so great) and no need to adjust the volume.

Opening and closing the device switches it on and off, so no worries about the battery draining on you when you forget about it.

Stylish stand

However, when the headset is hung on the bundled stand it gets automatically recharged, so the battery shouldn't really be much of a worry.

The MOTOPURE (big letters means EXCITING!) H780 is the little brother of the H15, with seven hours hands-free talk time.

Unfortunately, the 9mm speaker only sits comfortably over 90 per cent of users' ears, so one in 10 of you will be upset by discomfort when wearing this thing... perhaps 'try before you buy' should be the main advice here.

If you want to get your hands on the new swish-looking noise cancelling headsets, both are available from Q4 this year.


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