Vodafone planning own £130 Android phone?

Network wants a piece of the Google pie to itself

Vodafone is apparently planning to release its own Android phone, with a super-budget price tag to boot.

Following the T-Mobile Pulse and Pulse Mini (low-end Android handsets exclusive to the network) Vodafone clearly wants to follow suit.

To that end, word is it will be releasing the Vodafone 845 (with a better name likely to be confirmed closer to launch).

Latest Android, tiny screen

It will pack the latest Android 2.1 upgrade, but the rest of the features will be lower end - a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen and 3.2MP camera.

But the beauty of using Android means that the Vodafone 845 will have to have some higher end features - namely Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS all as standard.

Vodafone 360 is said to be a key part as well - that means integrated contacts and possibly social networking too.

The cost is said to be €145 according to Dutch site All About Phones - which means it could be coming for the thoroughly palatable £130 in the UK.

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