Vodafone finally unveils Samsung Blade

Not a Korean reproduction sword or anything though

Vodafone has announced the new Samsung Blade has been added to its line up, with a whole host of mid-range technology.

The phone will be available for free on contract from £15, although you'll be sentenced to 24 months with the thing. Much better is the £25 a month deal, with a free phone and only 12 months to wait for a new handset.

Most of you will recognise the Samsung Blade as the Samsung S6500 that we brought you news of in March, although this one has a major difference.

All change

You know that square button at the front? Gone. You know what's there instead? A triangular shape. Like a blade. Now you see what Vodafone's done...

The Blade has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, a microSD slot and the TouchWiz interface which has categorised so many Samsung phones in the past.

The Samsung Blade is already available in Spain through Voda, and on Orange in the UK as the S6500, so we can't imagine this will be the number one seller of the year for Vodafone.

Still, if you like mid range phones and enjoy violent sounding names, head on down to your local Voda shop.


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