The next Moto G may look like this and come with a fingerprint scanner

Higher security on Motorola's cheapest

Rumors of a new Motorola handset are starting to gather pace with the latest leaks looking to two new handsets: the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus.

New photos of the fourth generation, Moto G 2016 which appeared on NoWhereElse, show the design of the phone which features a rubberized plastic back and a longer camera sensor on the rear.

Below the camera lens is a two-tone flash but above are two unidentified camera sensors.

Moto G

Image credit: NoWhereElse

The photo of the front of the phone confirms a fingerprint scanner below the screen which looks like it may also double a home button.

Specific specs for both the Moto G and Moto G Plus have also appeared from Twitter leaker Roland Quandt.

Quandt explained the source of the information was a retailer and the name of the Plus will be used to refer to a higher spec phone rather than a larger screen or handset.

Both phones will come with a 5.5-inch display, but the Moto G Plus will have a 16MP rear facing camera and the Moto G will only have a 13MP rear sensor.

Another G

Both phones will also come with 16GB of storage, black and white color choices and will be ready for release some point in May 2016.

Pricing wise the leaker suggests the Moto G Plus will cost 280 euros (around £220, US$320, AU$410) and the smaller version will be 240 euros (around £190, US$270, AU$350).

Motorola confirmed earlier this year that all mobile phones with the Moto branding will come with a fingerprint sensor – and this has even trickled down to the cheapest Moto G.

Via Android Authority, Softipedia