Samsung may power Galaxy Note 4 with long distance wireless charging

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Samsung to power Galaxy Note 4 with magnetic wireless charging

Samsung could be about to get serious about wireless charging, with a report that the South Korean tech titan is experimenting with something new.

ET News says Samsung is looking at a better version of wireless charging technology that uses magnetic resonance, which it will apparently build into future smartphones.

Magnetic resonance wireless charging, for the uninitiated, simply means the device won't need to be in contact with a "source" object in order to power up. Instead the charge flow will be able to reach the device as long as its within a certain distance.

According to the same report Samsung could start using the technology from mid-2014 so, while this could be optimistic thinking, we're hoping it won't be long before our phones can charge while they're tucked in our pockets.

Yeah Samsung! Yeah Science!

This means we probably won't see the awesome new technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5, as the new flagship is expected to arrive early next year.

However, we also expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 appear well into the second half of 2014, and it could be the first Samsung device to come harnessing the power of true wireless charging.

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We'd also like to point out how useful this would be for the Galaxy Gear as battery power is one of the real difficulties with smartwatches. We know Samsung is working on further watch-based developments, so here's hoping it can put this on then agenda.

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