More info on HTC Hero sequel leaks out

The Legend becoming more than just legend

HTC's upcoming slew of new Android phones is looking more certain than ever after new photos of the Hero Sequel leaked out.

Dubbed the Legend (which we brought you word of last week) it's been 'confirmed' (although HTC have still to announce it) as having a metallic body and sleek chassis.

The new photos show a similar device to the Hero, but with a more refined 'chin' and something that looks a little more like HTC's Windows Mobile range.

Flashing up

Losing the trackball and popping in an optical trackpad have already been confirmed, but the word is an LED flash and upgraded processor will be on board.

However, the resolution hasn't changed, meaning a HVGA display. While spec-snobs might take umbrage with this, pointing out that others in the range have widescreen VGA pin sharp resolution, it's not going to make a HUGE amount of difference to watching back the odd video.

Anyway, we're waiting for Mobile World Congress more and more fervently as these rumours leak out - make sure you keep checking back for all the latest news and hands ons as we plough through the plethora of stands.

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