LG LS831 Windows Phone leaked

May only feature in the US

Images of a handset touting the Windows Phone logo have emerged, claiming to be the LG LS831.

There was a distinct lack of Windows Phone devices on LG's stand at MWC 2012, with Android devices the flavour of the month, but LG has not given up on Microsoft's mobile platform.

Apart from the images, details are thin on the ground but the rumoured LG LS831 looks to have a 5MP camera on the rear, as well as a camera on the front.

LG LS831 leak

Credit: WPCentral

LG still banking on Windows Phone

A phone with the same model number was run through the FCC at the end of last year, which revealed the LS831 would support CDMA in the EMSR 800MHz band – which is currently used by US carrier Sprint.

LG LS831 leak

Credit: WPCentral

This could mean the LG LS831 will only appear in the US, with Europe missing out this time.

We're not getting carried away with this latest leak though, as it's not clear which source the images came from and the lack of detail makes us question the handset's true identity.

From WPCentral