LG G6 release date, news and rumors

Style, power and innovation - we hope

Update: The latest report suggests LG will be dropping the modular "Friends" design to offer a waterproof, high-end phone. It'll still come with a removable battery though.

If there's one thing the LG G5 isn't, it's boring. With two rear cameras and an accessory slot that lets you modify the hardware it's a phone that really thinks outside the box.

But while these extras are great it doesn't nail all the basics, so there's plenty of potential for improvement in the LG G6.

Rumors for what LG is planning on its next flagship phone are growing steadily - here's everything we know so far about the LG G6.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next flagship phone from LG
  • When's it out? Possibly April 2017
  • What will it cost? Likely around £500/$650/AU$900 SIM free

LG G6 price and release date

The LG G5 was announced in February 2016 and launched in April, while the LG G4 also landed in April, so April 2017 seems a good bet for the LG G6. But there's not yet any information on when it will arrive, so for now that's just an educated guess.


In terms of price we'd expect a flagship cost for the LG G6. It'll likely be around $650/£500/AU$900 if you're to buy the phone outright, which is the same price as the LG G5 cost at launch.

LG G6 design

Rumor has it LG will be stepping up the design of the G6 to a more premium look and quality than we've seen on previous phones. An anonymous source told Korean site ChosunBiz LG will be using a tempered glass back on the new flagship.


The LG G5 had a painted aluminum body, which some didn't like. Being glass it may not be as durable as a full-metal jacket would be, but that may be the price we pay for a better looking phone from LG.

Whether there will be a modular design with interchangeable modules - or what LG calls "friends" - isn't yet clear. One report from the Electronic Times in Korea suggests the modular approach will be dropped for the LG G6.

Another source has also suggested the "friends" design will be dropped to make the phone waterproof.

LG G6 display

The same source suggested LG is looking to make an OLED panel for its smartphones in the future.

LG already produces OLED displays for TVs as well as the Apple Watch Series 2, so it would make sense if the company installed one on the G6 - but it looks like it won't be ready in time.

Lg G5

If LG doesn't include an OLED display on the G6, it will be far behind the competition of Samsung that has included OLED panels on its flagship phones for quite some time.

LG G6 other features

LG announced a brand new wireless charging transmission module a few days after it revealed the LG G5.

The charging module can pump your phone battery up to 50% in 30 minutes, the same charging rate we see from fast chargers on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

This may mean we see the introduction of wireless charging on the LG G6, but the same sources speaking to ChosunBiz suggest it won't be ready for the next flagship phone.

But since then LG has made the tech available to the public, which suggests that it could be ready after all. Plus another industry source has also suggested it will be ready in time for the LG G6, so cross your fingers.

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