Kindle app announced for Android

Ebook reader and shop in one

Amazon has announced that it is to launch a Kindle app for Android, which allows you to view ebooks from Amazon without the use of the Kindle device.

Although this app is available already for the iPhone, there is one new major bit of functionality that comes with it: the ability to buy books straight from the app.

Considering Apple has its iBookstore service, it is understandable why this functionality is not on the Apple version.

But Apple's loss is Android's gain and it now means that Google's platform has a real viable ebook alternative.

Kindle Store access

The app will give users access to 500,000 books (though this number may change for the UK) and synchronises between devices – so, if you are reading a book on the Kindle or a PC, then pick it up again through your phone it will remember your last page read, bookmarks, notes and any highlights you made.

Amazon has optimised the Kindle Store for Android phones, so you can download books wherever you are.

Things like newspapers, magazines and blogs, though, are not yet compatible with the app.

The application currently doesn't have a UK release date – it's stated as coming soon – but when it's released, it will be available for those with Android handsets sporting 1.6 or higher.

Via TechCrunch


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