Is this Sony Ericsson's first Android phone?

The ''Rachel' is no longer a haircut

Sony Ericsson has apparently leaked images of its forthcoming Android phone, codenamed Rachael, which may finally launch as the Xperia X5.

Not only is it a nice and large touchscreen (although we currently don't know how big it is) but it's also built on the swift and nifty Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

According to the early shots, apparently snaffled / photoshopped by, the phone has an 8.1MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a simple three button set at the bottom. It sadly features no flash, but then again the designers of the snaps might have forgotten to put it on.


It also has the 'Xperia' logo on the back, although there's no mention of a model number, which obviously calls the validity of the shot into question.

It looks like the phone is slightly larger than your average handset, but until we actually get some specs (or it in the hand) we won't be able to tell.

Via Unwired View



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