iPhone 4 tariffs announced by Three

Undercuts rival tariffs to offer cheapest deals

Three has announced its iPhone 4 tariffs, and is unsurprisingly offering cheaper deals at the lower end of the price spectrum.

For instance, an iPhone 4 16GB costs £99 on a £30 a month, two year deal, compared to £169-£179 from the likes of O2, Vodafone and Orange, with more minutes offered too (500).

It wins on the rest of the tariffs too for the iPhone 4 16GB, offering Apple's latest handset for roughly £30 less up front for each deal.

All the deals

Let's take a look at the full range of iPhone 4 tariffs being offered by Three, oddly only on two year deals, but all with 5000 texts, 1GB of data and 5000 Three-to-Three minutes per month:

If you're after an iPhone 4 16GB, it will cost £99 for a £30 a month deal, with 500 minutes. The £35 a month deal is identical, except you get 400 minutes more per month, taking it up to 900.

There's an alternative £35 a month deal, where the phone costs 3169, but you get 2000 minutes.

£59 will snag you an iPhone 4 16GB on a £40 deal, with 2000 minutes again, and the £45 a month deal offers a free iPhone 4 16GB and 2000 minutes per month.

iPhone 4 32GB

If you're hankering for an iPhone 4 32GB version, things obviously get a little pricier. For instance, if you want a £30 a month deal, the phone will cost £189 for 500 minutes.

The two £35 a month deals offer 900 and 2000 minutes, with the phone costing £189 and £259 respectively, with the £40 a month deal packing the phone for £149 and 2000 minutes.

Finally, the £45 a month deal sees an £89 iPhone 4 32GB, with 2000 minutes offered as well as all the data and text gubbins.

Head on over to the Three site to see the tariffs, or take a gander at the comparison PDF offered by the network, where it proudly shows off how much cheaper it is than the competition (although Tesco is oddly not on there).


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