Google still open to Nokia partnership

Says would have 'loved' Nokia collaboration

Google's Eric Schmidt has said that the company tried very hard to get Nokia to take Android as its primary platform, and hopes discussions aren't dead.

Speaking at his MWC keynote, Schmidt said that the door wasn't closed, although wouldn't go into detail about how far discussions progressed:

"We would have loved it if Nokia has chosen Android - instead they chose those other guys."

Offer still good

"The offer remains open to them - we [still] think it would be a good choice for Nokia."

It seems Microsoft was more convincing to Nokia on the possibility of creating a new and powerful ecosystem - and it certainly didn't hurt that CEO Elop is an ex-Microsoft man.

While it's impressive Nokia has bet big on Windows Phone 7, only a complete implosion of the OS would cause it to go down the Android route - although it's good that the door remains open, despite Elop laying down the gauntlet by claming it will be a 'three horse race'.



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