Google's Android text bug now dubbed 'critical'

OS flaw finally being taken seriously by search giant

Google has finally decided to up how seriously it is taking a flaw in its Android system that sends messages to the wrong person in a user's phonebook.

The issue was reported back in June 2010, but Google has now decided to move the problem up to 'Critical' status, meaning a patch is likely to be imminent to the Android system to resolve the issue.

The problem is virtually undetectable to the user until alerted by someone else, because though the message is sent to the wrong number, it still displays as being directed to the correct recipient in the inbox.

Desert-based bug

It only appears to be affecting Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices, although which ones or why has yet to be explained by Google – we've leafed through reams of user comments and there doesn't seem to be any pattern.

However, the commenters are mostly using US phones, or those that have a US variant (such as the Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S), so there's a good chance the UK isn't affected.

Obviously, this is an embarrassing issue for Google, so expect a patch in the near future if you've just bought a shiny new Froyo or Gingerbread device.

From Google Forums via BGR


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