'Genuine' iPhone 4G pictures leak out

Snapped in a grimy warehouse - that has to be real, right?

New 'photos' of the iPhone 4G have supposedly leaked out via an internet forum.

We say supposedly as we really can't believe that these are real - not least because the phone is called an iPhone 4G, which we really don't think will be Jobs' moniker of choice come April.

But the sheer graft gone into creating the range of images is magnificent - we're seeing docks, different colour chassis - heck, the 'spy shot grabbers' have even designed new internal packaging.


As you can imagine, there's no specs to go along with this very-likely-made-up photoshoot (which is authentically set up in some dodgy warehouse - realistic).

iPhone 4g

But hey, we love to see people trying - and it at least adds credence to the notion that the next iPhone will come in a range of colours.

And we're fully prepared to massively apologise to the Spazio Cellulare forum if it turns out this photoshoot was bang on the money - just don't hold your breath.

Via Pocket-Lint


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