Galaxy Note 4 UV Sensor will warn users when they're getting too much sun

Sensor will be part of the S Health app

Galaxy Note 4 UV Sensor will warn users when they re getting too much sun

The reported UV Sensor within the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will offer users assistance on gauging the sun's harmful rays, according to newly leaked information.

The Sammobile site, which originally claimed the sensor would be present last month, now reports the UV sensor operation will sit within the existing S Health app.

It'll be the first smartphone to include a UV light sensor and will require users to hold their phone to the sun at a 60 degree angle in order to get a reading.

A 0-2 reading will mean there is a low risk of skin damage, 3-5 will represent a moderate risk, a 5-7 reading will show a high risk of damage, 8-10 is very high and 11+ will represent extreme risk.

True or False?

According to the report, Samsung will also include a host of true and false statements on sun protection to inform those poor souls who think that a sun tan is healthy.

"You can't get sunburnt on a cloudy day, you can't get sunburned while in the water and UV radiation during the winter is not dangerous," will all be included as falsehoods, according to the report.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly arrive in early September and be on display at the IFA tech show in Berlin, where we'll get the full skinny.