Full version of Angry Birds for Android delayed

But better news for BlackBerry owners

Android users casting envious glances at their iPhone-owning counterparts will have to wait a little longer to get the full version of the Angry Birds game.

The massively-popular feathered fowl-flinger has been on the Android Market in Lite version, but a recent Tweet from the developers stated that there would be a delay in launching it so it could add in multi-tasking:

"Good and bad news. Full version of Android pushed to next week. We are adding proper support for Android multitasking."

But at least it's not too long to wait - although it appears Angry Birds won't be landing on the HTC Hero due to real problems with frame rate.

BlackBerry Bonanza

In a separate Tweet, when asked about the possibility of Angry Birds on the BlackBerry platform, Rovio said:

"No plans for BlackBerry yet, maybe for the new ones."

Which makes sense, as Angry Birds is clearly designed to be used on a touchscreen, so when this tech becomes more prevalent in the BlackBerry range, perhaps it will mean the game could land on this platform too.




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