Asus exec hints at Android Eee PC

Google looking to take over netbooks space too

Asus might be looking to bring an iteration of Google's Android OS to its low-cost Eee PC range during this year.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Head of Asus' Eee PC business Samson Hu said the company has directed a set of engineers to work on the project specifically.

However, he refused to state that this means we'll definitely be seeing an Android-powered netbook in the future, as the project is still undergoing development.

Easy transfer

The Android system, although initially used in smartphones, would transfer fairly easily to netbooks due to its low system requirements.

As it's also an open-source model, it could be easily adapted for the new format, something that Hu agrees with:

"Android is a very lean and open platform," he said, according to Bloomberg.

Asus has recently pledged a greater effort into Android-powered smartphones with its tie-in with Garmin. It has recently released the G60 and M20 Nuviphones, although neither of these are currently specified with Android.

Via Bloomberg



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