Apple takes a big step closer to wireless charging in iPhones

Like many of its competitors, Apple has been chasing the wireless charging train for a while - and it looks like it just made a significant step closer to jumping on board.

A patent for wireless charging was among a bunch of properties just won by Apple, as reported by Patently Apple.

The technology described in the patent uses a near-field magnetic resonance that charges any devices within a certain distance without the need for any cables.

Going the distance

The accompanying diagram shows an iMac, iPod, keyboard and Magic Mouse all being charged wirelessly in a "virtual charging arena".

Another patent in the pile was for the design of the new cylindrical Mac Pro, which is expected to launch later this month.

There's never a guarantee that patents such as Apple's wireless charging one will become a reality, but with the likes of Google and LG already delivering their own cable-free solutions, Apple is unlikely to be too far behind.