Android malware threats triple in just three months

Massive upsurge of dodgy apps

Android users watch out: new research shows that in the second quarter of 2012 Android malware threats have increased three-fold

According to Kaspersky Labs, dodgy Android apps and the like have almost tripled in the second quarter of the year, which equates to 14,900 new bits of malicious code.

Out of this number, 49 per cent were 'multi-functional' Trojans, so when they get on to a phone or tablet they can suck up phone numbers and also download content on to a devicewithout the owner realising.

The other half of the malware was split between SMS Trojans and those that use backdoors to gain full control of devices.


Speaking about the worrying upsurge of malware, Yuri Namestnikov, Senior Malware Analyst at Kaspersky Lab, said: "In the near future, we expect not only more malware, but more effective and dangerous malware targeting Android.

"Judging from existing trends, we should expect that cybercriminals will soon shift to more personalised attacks.

"This is primarily about malware hunting for confidential data with which to steal money from users' credit cards."

After all that, we feel the need to end this article with a Crimewatch-style 'don't have nightmares' sign off.

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