Acer to copy HTC with budget phones in 2010?

Wants a slice of all the mobile phone pies

Acer is apparently planning to release a series of budget phones in 2010 based on the low-cost Brew platform.

Like others in the industry at the moment, Acer is looking at the Brew platform from Qualcomm to facilitate low cost development of a feature phone (non-smartphone), with around eight to 10 other smartphones released in 2010.

This would broaden the scope of its market by allowing it to create powerful phones for possibly less than £100.

Native applications

INQ has been developing the likes of the Chat 3G and Mini 3G on the Brew platform for a while, as it packs a number of native applications (such as geolocation) for the user.

HTC is also rumoured to be developing a Brew-based phone, and given both it and Acer are developing both Windows Mobile and Android phones, this next step makes sense for both parties.

It's likely 2010 will not only herald a few more phones based on this platform, but also more aimed at the low end Android sector, like the T-Mobile Pulse launched earlier this year.

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