10 things to expect from iPhone 4G / iPhone HD

Better screen, improved camera, HD video recording...

New iPhone

All eyes will be on Moscone West on 7 June as the San Francisco venue hosts WWDC.

With Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivering the keynote, it's almost guaranteed the new iPhone will be officially revealed.

And since Apple's been suffering from more leaks than a wooden boat with a payload of ravenous woodworm, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the revamped device.

Here's what you can expect to see in the new iPhone…

1. A new case design

Although people were suspicious of the 'leaked' next-gen iPhone images that circulated in April, subsequent leaks have confirmed the device will have a quite different design to the iPhone 3GS. The back is flat, the sides have an iPad-like metal surround, and the volume buttons are separated rather than being combined as a rocker switch.

2. Improved camera

An update to the iPhone's camera is almost a given. As far back as December, reports were circulating that the iPhone's camera resolution would be upped to 5-megapixels. More recently, devs digging into the iPhone SDK have unearthed references to HD video recording, suggesting the video-capture capabilities of the device will rival those of the Flip HD.

3. Front-facing camera

The iPhone SDK also has icons and commands relating to video chatting, perhaps confirming the long-standing rumour that iChat will make its way to the iPhone. Recent reports also claim Sam Mendes has helmed a new iPhone advert that features a mother and daughter using iPhones for a video chat.

4. An improved screen

It's looking increasingly likely that the new iPhone screen will boast a 960-by-640-pixel resolution, blowing away existing models and providing a 'print quality' 320ppi density. This will not only leapfrog the Nexus One (252ppi) but make Apple's new iPad (132ppi) look a little rough by comparison for consuming text.

iPhone screen

CLOSE-UP: The new iPhone screen under the microscope, confirming that it is high-res

5. New iPhone price

A Screen Digest analyst recently claimed the iPhone 4G will drop in price, due to Apple aiming to expand its smartphone marketshare. There's some precedent here, given the aggressive pricing of the iPad, although with Sterling continuing to weaken against the US dollar, British customers are unlikely to benefit.

6. An Apple processor

Tear-downs of leaked iPhones have revealed an Apple-branded processor inside. Therefore, it's possible the new iPhone will have a processor similar to the one that powers the iPad. If so, expect apps on the new device to fly, due to a huge performance boost.

7. A micro-SIM slot

The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G uses a micro-SIM rather than a regular sized unit, and since Apple tends to share technology across devices where possible, the new iPhone should follow suit - a claim given extra weight by the fact the device Gizmodo 'acquired' had a micro-SIM slot.

8. A bigger battery

The new iPhone's front panel is thinner than the iPhone 3GS's, meaning there's more room for a battery - and a bigger battery means more time between charges. According to MacRumors, the next-generation iPhone's battery should see a 16% increase in capacity.

9. iPhone OS 4.0

When Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone OS 4.0 back in April, he said it would ship this summer. Unless the entire event was an elaborate practical joke, it's safe to say the new iPhone will ship with iPhone OS 4, bringing it out-of-the-box multitasking support for third-party apps, a unified Mail inbox, springboard folders, and more.

iPhone os 4 0

IPHONE OS 4.0: Jobs demos iPhone OS 4's multitasking. The new OS will likely ship with the updated iPhone

10. A new name

Having eschewed the mobile industry's penchant for giving phones bizarre, impossible-to-remember names, Apple itself came under a little criticism for the awkward 'iPhone 3GS' moniker.

Pundits are divided on whether we'll be calling the next iPhone the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD - although if Apple settles on the latter this will make for a confusing App Store, what with the rash of 'HD' apps for iPad.

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