SanDisk's Sansa Clip now 8GB - 16GB soon?

If you loved the Shuffle's capacity and no screen... check this out

SanDisk might have had trouble disturbing the iPod range's dominance in the MP3 market, but its latest attempt, an 8GB refresh of the Sansa Clip, should have the iPod Shuffle running scared.

The 8GB refresh will only cost £50 as well, which is of comparable cost to the iPod Shuffle's 2GB model. Four times the storage, same price. Which would you prefer?

This also means there's clearly a market for the 16GB version at the £50-£80 pricepoint, which makes sense considering SanDisk has recently unveiled a 16GB microSD card.

OLED frenzy

The player has a lovely little OLED screen for checking what song is actually playing (vital when you start getting to these memory capacities), which not only looks clear but helps save battery life too, which stands at around 15 hours.

The 8GB capacity can hold up to 4,000 songs at lower bitrates, which means audiophiles can have the choice of song volume versus quality. Which is always a nice decision.

It also supports a whole host of file formats, has an FM radio and integrated voice recorder. For £50 (just in case you'd forgotten the price).



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