Google calling Nokia and Microsoft 'turkeys'?

Seems to pour scorn on likely partnership

A Google VP has tweeted a not-so-cryptic message relating to the mooted Nokia and Microsoft partnership.

Vic Gundotra, Google's VP of Engineering, sent the short message to his followers with the hashtag #feb11, indicating that it refers to the upcoming Nokia announcement.

Quoth the Google man: ""Two Turkeys do not make an Eagle".", seemingly pointing, laughing and calling Nokia and Microsoft turkeys in one foul swoop.

Gobble gobble, Google

Such a public pronouncement from a senior Google employee certainly indicates that a Nokia-built Android phone is off the table for now, and hints at the industry insider knowing a thing or two about Nokia's fabled 11 February announcement.

It's the same weird saying that Nokia's then executive vice president Anssi Vanjoki used when commenting on a deal between Siemens and BenQ back in 2005.

The point Nokia was making back then was that the Siemens-BenQ merger would be like water off a duck's back to the Finnish company. Now, six years later, Google seems similarly unbothered by a potential Nokia/Windows Phone 7 deal.

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