Super-cheap Google Nexus tablet rumours reappear

With $100 price-tag

With rumours of a Google Nexus 7 with double the storage for the same price doing the rounds, word is that there'll be an even cheaper Nexus tablet too.

Supposedly set for launch later in 2012, the $99 (£60 or AU$95) Google tablet is said to come with an ARM single-core processor and an HUVA TN panel.

To be fair, this rumour comes from Digitimes whose track record is patchy at best but it's not the first time talk of a $99 Nexus slate has surfaced.

Next Nexus

Back then, we all thought Nexus 7 maker Asus would be the manufacturer behind the second slate, but the company vehemently denied that it had any cheap Nexus based plans in place.

Digitimes and its Taiwan-based supply chain sources say that a Chinese manufacturer specialising in cheap, white-labelled hardware will likely be behind the tablet.

The timing of this mythical new tablet from Google could be somewhat similar to another fabled cheap-ish slate – the iPad Mini, which we're expecting to see unveiled at Apple's October 23 event.

From Digitimes


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