iPad Air 2 may double up to 2GB of RAM

And of course a few words on the iWatch

iPad Air 2

RAM has been the hot topic of late for next-gen iOS devices, particularly the iPhone 6. But unlike the new iPhone, the iPad Air 2 looks like it may actually walk away with more RAM than previous versions.

According to supply chain sources for Taiwan's TechNews (via iPhone in Canada), the new iPad will have 2GB of RAM, up from the 1GB found in the current iPad Air.

The full-size iPad has stuck with 1GB of RAM since the iPad 3, but it looks poises to double up with the forthcoming tablet.

The RAM upgrade could be in preparation for a rumored split-screen feature already spotted in iOS 8.


New iPads are typically announced in October, and while more RAM will be welcome with the new iPad, the good tidings may not extend to the iPad mini 3. Word is it will stay at 1GB, just like the current model.

Continuing on this RAM jam, these same Apple supply chain sources threw in a few iWatch details for good measure. According to them, the Apple Watch will launch with 512MB RAM and 8GB on-board storage.

These specs are on par with other smartwatches currently on the market, like the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. However, the iWatch will be able to function sans an iPhone or iPad, the sources said.

None of the above is official and we recommend heaping plenty of salt on these rumors, but they're not too far out of the realm of possibility. We'll know for sure September 9 and again come October.