iPad Air 2 leak shows off some possible design tweaks

A little bit of a touch up

iPad Air 2

In true Apple tradition, the iPad Air 2 isn't expected to undergo any radical design changes - and the latest leak suggests that we're right to trust our senses.

Some new shots, claiming to be of the iPad Air 2's rear cover, have been posted to Weibo and appear to reveal a few minor design tweaks that chime with previous leaks we've seen.

The case is pretty similar to the original iPad Air, but the volume controls have now been recessed into the iPad Air's frame, while the speaker grille has been redesigned to a single line of holes.

Don't drop the mic

Lastly, it appears that Apple has slapped on a microphone next to the rear camera - a design choice lifted from the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Other leaks and rumours suggest the new iPad will be slimming down from 7.5mm to 6.2mm, and will adopt the iPhone 5S's Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Right now we're marking October in our diaries for the iPad Air 2 launch, which could turn out to be Apple's busiest month in quite some time.

Via 9to5Mac