HP TouchPad UK price drop to £89 confirmed at Dixons

Available online later today

Update: Mark Webb, head of media relations for Dixons Retail, has outed the retailer's prices for the

HP TouchPad

: you'll be able to nab a 16GB model for £89 and the 32GB model for £115 from

Dixons O


later today.

You'll want to keep a sharp eye out though; it's limited stock only and, by the sounds of things, when they're gone, they're gone.

Currys and PC World will also carry the reduced HP TouchPads at the same price points, with the sale beginning on Tuesday morning.

A further tweet from Webb confirms that the retailers will be offering refunds or partial refunds to people who have already bought an HP TouchPad through them; although it's possible there will be timing-based caveats to this early claim.


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